Drive the car you want commitment free with month-to-month subscription!

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What is Car Subscription

Mobiliti provides car subscription service to those who want to drive commitment free. Simply drive your car month-to-month with no upfront costs, lengthy contracts, or maintenance pains. Your monthly fee covers insurance, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance.

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How it Works


    Create a free account. Provide basic info and driver’s license.


    Pick the car you want to drive and the mileage you need.


    Confirm payment and arrange a pickup time. It's that easy!


    Swap cars as often as once a month.

Why Mobiliti?

The car you want. Without the commitment.

Why Mobiliti?

The lifestyle to allow for spontaneity.

Why Mobiliti?

The freedom to go anywhere.

Why Mobiliti?

The flexibility to live out your dreams.

Why Mobiliti?

Drive a car on your terms.

  • Included with your car subscription:


    Routine Maintenance

    Limited Warranty

    Roadside Assistance



    License Fees

    Freedom to Swap Once a Month

    Customer Service

  • No need to worry about:

    Membership Fees

    Up-Front Costs

    Long-Term Contract

    Price Negotiations

    Cancellation Fees

Compare Your Options

With Mobiliti you’re always driving a great new, or like new car. Best of all, you’re not constrained to a single brand and can choose any car within your location. Want to drive a luxury convertible or a 4×4 SUV? Simply swap cars as your needs change with the seasons.

Mobiliti for Business

Mobiliti offers a superior option for companies that need a fleet of vehicles or want to provide vehicles for employees. Our business model is especially attractive because employees can choose the car they want. Employers have more flexibility in managing their vehicles, and they save money because subscribing with Mobiliti is up to 40% more cost effective than other alternatives.

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Is Mobiliti for me?

If you want the flexibility to drive a different vehicle more often or if you’re uncertain on the best vehicle for you for the next few years, then Mobiliti may be right for you. Trading in a vehicle early can result in significant negative equity payments and getting out of a lease early is difficult and costly at best.

On the other hand, Mobiliti membership isn’t for everyone. If you pay cash for your vehicles or keep them until you pay off your loan, then purchasing a vehicle from one of Mobiliti’s Dealer Partners may be the way to go.

With an average new vehicle loan lasting almost 6 years, buying a car, truck, or SUV is a serious commitment! With life’s constant changes it’s hard to know whether the same vehicle will fit your life 6 years from now.

Mobiliti members join for a minimum one-month commitment. That’s it!

What are the account requirements?

Once you find the perfect vehicle and want to reserve it, we just need your contact information, driver’s license, a valid credit card in your name and a mobile phone number to set up your Mobiliti account.

Customers must be 21 or over* with approved credit, a credit card in their name, a mobile phone and an approved driving record.

Most account approvals happen instantly but can take up to 24 hours. Don’t worry, we will notify you once you’ve been approved!

*Also offered and available to otherwise qualified United States government employees 18 years of age or older who are traveling on official orders, or where required by law. If you are between 18 and 21 and believe you meet these criteria, please contact Mobiliti by phone to continue your enrollment.

What makes and models are available?

Mobiliti’s inventory consists of new and slightly pre-owned vehicles from a broad range of brands. Our vehicle selection includes warrantied cars, trucks, and SUVs that have insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance included in your subscription. Mobiliti’s inventory changes frequently as vehicles are reserved, returned, sold and added, so download the app and sign up to get alerts in real time to be the first to know when your favorite vehicles are added.

You do not need to be a Mobiliti member to see our vehicles and subscription pricing. Enjoy browsing the Mobiliti app today!

How is subscribing different than buying or leasing?

Buying a vehicle can be a 5-7 year commitment, leasing is usually 3-4 years, with Mobiliti you have flexibility and choice! You could drive a vehicle of your choice for as little as a month, extend the subscription for longer, switch to a different one as your needs change, or even purchase the vehicle from our dealer partners if you love it.

What is the cost of a monthly subscription?

Mobiliti subscriptions start at $450 per month depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and location. That cost includes nearly everything but gas…it includes insurance, roadside assistance, routine maintenance, and customer service. And best of all there are no fees for title, registration, or membership.

Download. Browse Cars. Create an Account. Subscribe & Drive!