Not all drivers are ready to lease or buy. We help dealers attract new customers and generate profits.

Unlock additional revenue and profits. Build new relationships and leads. Move your inventory.

Bring Additional Revenue

Create a new revenue stream.
Generate long-term profits.
Our numbers work.

Move Your Inventory

Move cars and avoid lot rot.
Hit your monthly sales goals.
Unlock monthly bonuses.

Attract New Customers

Give drivers an alternative.
Bring them to your dealership.
Develop new relationships.
Convert when they are ready.

Low Cost of Entry

Employ our turn-key model.
Do not disturb core business.

Car subscription is here. Become a leading dealer that offers an alternative driving solution to your customers.

Dealer FAQ

What is the benefit of Mobiliti to my customers?
  • Customers who are not quite ready to buy or sign a long-term lease have a new option to consider until the time is right for a commitment.
  • Customers can access the power of our simple and flexible national subscription platform from their phone.
  • Our subscription all-inclusive prices are transparent, so there are no negotiations or surprises.
  • The subscription process is intuitive and the vehicle pickup takes minutes.
What impact will Mobiliti have on my employees?
  • Mobiliti program allows your dealership employees to offer an alternative and completely transparent service to your existing and new customers.
  • We provide dealership marketing kits and boots on the ground with continued program support to ensure that each launch is successful.
  • Subscription service can become a supplementary source of income for your sales associates.
How will Mobiliti effect our existing systems?
  • Mobiliti program is turn-key and simple to implement. It will not disrupt your core business and will have a negligible effect on existing dealership systems.
  • Mobiliti does not need to integrate with the dealership’s DMS and payment reconciliation can be integrated into existing systems and processes.
Will Mobiliti make money for my dealership?

Yes. Mobiliti will make money for your dealership in the following ways:

  • Car Subscriptions are priced to be profitable for our dealers (you have total pricing control).
  • Your used vehicles are put to immediate use to generate incremental profits while you control the mileage that is accumulated on each to control your resale values.
  • You generate new customer leads that can be converted to a purchase or a lease throughout the consumer journey.
  • Control your mileage spread between loaner fleet and new cars to minimize cannibalization and drive higher new vehicle sales.
  • Unlock monthly bonuses and incentives by moving your inventory to subscription.

Let’s build a lasting partnership and unlock new profits for your stores.