What is the benefit of Mobiliti to the customer?
  • Customers receive the flexibility and choice of a national subscription technology platform, delivered with the exemplary customer service from the dealership.
  • Customers not quite ready to buy have a new option to consider until the time is right for a long-term commitment.
What impact will Mobiliti have on our employees?
  • The Mobiliti program will have a positive effect on dealership employees because the program can be another beneficial service to offer customers and a potential new source of income for sales associates.
  • The program is simple to implement and Mobiliti provides “boots on the ground” to assist with a successful launch and continued success with the program, easing the burden on the dealership employees.
How will Mobiliti effect our existing systems?
  • Mobiliti will have a negligible effect on dealership existing systems. Customer delivery and satisfaction will be no issue. It further enhances the customer experience.
  • Mobiliti does not need to integrate with the dealership’s DMS and payment reconciliation can be integrated into existing systems and processes.
Will Mobiliti make money for the dealership?

Mobiliti will make money for the dealership in the following ways:

  • Subscriptions are priced to be profitable for dealers and dealers have total pricing control
  • Used vehicle incremental profit as compared to new vehicle gross margins
  • Conversion of subscription customers to purchase or lease
  • Widen the mileage spread between loaner fleet cars and new cars to minimize cannibalization and drive higher new vehicle sales
Will my vehicle be covered while it’s out on subscription?

Yes, your vehicle is covered under a comprehensive insurance policy and any minor damage is covered by the security deposit and protection products Mobiliti includes with every subscription:

  • Tire and Wheel Protection
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Interior/Exterior Protection
  • Roadside Assistance