Mobiliti is a new way for you to find your perfect car…a vehicle that perfectly fits your needs right now with no long-term commitment. 


1.     What is Mobiliti?

Mobiliti is a brand new, better way for you to enjoy driving.  Mobiliti is a vehicle subscription service that provides choice and flexibility by allowing you to pay one monthly fee for your car or truck, insurance, routine maintenance and roadside assistance -all with no downpayment and no commitment!

2.     Why choose a Mobiliti membership?

Mobiliti membership isn’t for everyone.  If you pay cash for your vehicles or keep them until you pay off your loan (typically 6 years!), then purchasing a vehicle from one of Mobiliti’s Dealer Partners is the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you want the flexibility to drive a new vehicle more often or if you’re uncertain on the best car for you for the next few years then Mobiliti may be right for you.  Trading in a vehicle early can result in significant negative equity payments and getting out of a lease early is difficult and costly at best.

With an average new vehicle loan lasting almost 6 years, buying a car, truck, or SUV is a serious commitment!  With life’s constant changes it’s hard to know whether the same car will fit your life 6 years from now.

Mobiliti members join for a minimum 30-day commitment.  That’s it! 

3.     Where does Mobiliti get its vehicles from?

Our vehicles are provided and serviced by our network of Dealer Partners. Mobiliti only partners with the premier dealerships in your area and selects its Dealer Partners based on customer satisfaction, inventory size, and service capability.

4.     What types of vehicles are in Mobiliti’s inventory?

Mobiliti’s inventory consists of new and late model vehicles from a broad range of manufacturers.  Our inventory includes warrantied cars, trucks, and SUVs that are either new or no more than two to three years old.  Mobiliti’s inventory changes frequently as vehicles are reserved, returned, sold and added, so download the app (coming early in 2018) and sign up to get alerts in real time to be the first to know when your favorite vehicles are added. 

You do not need to be a Mobiliti member to see our vehicles and subscription pricing.  Enjoy looking for the perfect ride for your needs right now!

5.     How do I get approved for Mobiliti membership?

Once you find the perfect vehicle and want to reserve it, we just need your contact information, driver’s license, a valid credit card in your name and a mobile phone number to set up your Mobiliti account.

Customers must be 21 or over with good credit, a credit card in their name, a mobile phone and a good driving record.

Most account approvals happen instantly but can take up to 24 hours.  Don’t worry, we will notify you once you’ve been approved!

6.     How are vehicle subscriptions priced?

Each vehicle in the Mobiliti inventory has a unique subscription price based on its make, model, options and features.  Our base monthly subscription rates are based on driving 500 miles during a 30-day subscription period. 

Need more miles? You can adjust your mileage when reserving or renewing your vehicle.  Additional mileage rates will be displayed along with the choices for your specific vehicle as part of the vehicle reservation process.

Start out with extra miles and need to reduce it to our 500 mile/30-day minimum?  No problem!  While there is no credit for unused miles, you can simply reduce your mileage selection for the next 30-day period when you renew the subscription for your vehicle.

Start out with minimum miles and need to increase it?  No problem!  You can simply increase your mileage selection for the next 30-day period when you renew the subscription for your vehicle.

7.     What’s included in my Mobiliti subscription?

Enjoy driving your Mobiliti car, truck, or SUV with no worries, we take care of insurance, routine service and roadside assistance. 

All of our vehicles come with routine service, insurance, and warranty packages, and it’s your responsibility to take your vehicle into the dealership where you picked up the vehicle or to reach out to the insurance provider as needed. While you are responsible to coordinate performing service for your vehicle, you shouldn’t expect to pay out of pocket for expenses associated with routine servicing since you can leverage any of the plans that come with it.  If you have any questions regarding your current vehicle, simply contact the Mobiliti Ambassador at your dealership for assistance!

8.     How long can I keep my Mobiliti vehicle?

When you reserve a car, it’s your car to use for as long as you choose, subject to availability. Maximum subscription period and mileage is clearly stated on your vehicle’s reservation page.  The return date or mileage can always be found in your profile under “My Vehicle”.

In the event you’ve found the perfect vehicle that you want to keep forever, contact your Mobiliti Ambassador about purchasing the vehicle from your dealer! 

9.     Where do I pick up my Mobiliti vehicle?

You will pick up your vehicle at the authorized Mobiliti Dealer Partner where your vehicle is located.  The dealership information and the name of your Mobiliti Ambassador are displayed on the vehicle’s reservation page, on the reservation confirmation and can always be found in your profile under “My Vehicle”.

Your Mobility Ambassador will walk you through the delivery process and get you on your way in just a few minutes (usually less than 15 minutes!).

Want more TLC and have little more time?  Your Mobility Ambassador can walk you through the features of your vehicle to get you going quickly - Don’t worry about struggling later to figure out how to set the clock, set up your phone, or add your favorite radio stations!

10.  What if I go over my selected miles?

The per mile overage charges are clearly displayed when you reserve your vehicle.  In the event you return the vehicle with excess mileage, this mileage will be billed to your preferred payment method at the excess mileage rate stated on the vehicle’s display page.  Don’t worry, you can always find the excess mileage rate in your profile under “My Vehicle”.

11.  How often can I swap vehicles?

Mobiliti customers can swap vehicles once in every 30-day period. Swaps don’t rollover and each new vehicle selected must be kept for the minimum 30-day period.

12.  Are there other hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, we simply ask that you bring the vehicle back in the same shape it was in when you received it and top off the gas tank.  In the event there is excess wear and tear on the vehicle outside of normal use, these costs will be charged through your preferred Mobiliti payment method.

Vehicles are delivered to you with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank.  If your vehicle needs to be topped off, you will be billed the actual cost of the gas plus a $25 service charge through the same payment method selected when you reserved your vehicle. 

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