Freedom of choice

Month-to-month car subscription is here.

  • Mobiliti Windows

    Includes: Vehicle, Insurance, Routine Maintenance, Limited Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Registration, Title, License Fees.

  • Car Keys

    If you're not ready to buy, you can use the Mobiliti subscription program to try before you commit to a full purchase!

  • Drive

    With terms as low as one month, you can drive for the period of time that suits you. You can renew, cancel or swap your car later.

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What’s Included?


How Does It Work?


  1. Select any available car you want right here on our website or let our dealers know you are interested in a specific vehicle. We have thousands of vehicles to choose from!
  2. Set the term of your subscription from one to four months. You can also get part of your subscription payment credited to the purchase of the vehicle.
  3. Make your payment online and schedule pick-up of your vehicle to start your subscription today!

Customer Stories

“Mobiliti was simple to use and exactly what I was looking for to fit the short term need I had for a car. The process was super easy and I got a great truck with no money down and no hassles.” – Anil, Austin TX

Anil, Austin TX


Is Mobiliti right for me?

If you want the flexibility to drive a different vehicle more often or if you’re uncertain on the best vehicle for you for the next few years, then Mobiliti may be right for you. Trading in a vehicle early can result in significant negative equity payments and getting out of a lease early is difficult and costly at best.

On the other hand, Mobiliti membership isn’t for everyone. If you pay cash for your vehicles or keep them until you pay off your loan, then purchasing a vehicle from one of Mobiliti’s Dealer Partners may be the way to go.

With an average new vehicle loan lasting almost 6 years, buying a car, truck, or SUV is a serious commitment! With life’s constant changes it’s hard to know whether the same vehicle will fit your life 6 years from now.

Mobiliti members join for a minimum one-month commitment. That’s it!

How do I sign up?

Once you find the perfect vehicle and want to reserve it, we just need your contact information, driver’s license, a valid credit card in your name and a mobile phone number to set up your Mobiliti account.

Customers must be 21 or over* with approved credit, a credit card in their name, a mobile phone and an approved driving record.

*Also offered and available to otherwise qualified United States government employees 18 years of age or older who are traveling on official orders, or where required by law. If you are between 18 and 21 and believe you meet these criteria, please contact Mobiliti by phone to continue your enrollment.

What vehicles are available?

Mobiliti’s inventory consists of new and pre-owned vehicles from a broad range of brands from one of our many dealer partners. Our vehicle selection includes warrantied cars, trucks, and SUVs that have insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance included in your subscription.

If you don’t see any vehicles available for subscription in your area, let dealers near you know you would like them to make cars available by clicking on the “submit interest” link on a vehicle’s description page.

How is subscribing different than buying or leasing?

Buying a vehicle can be a 5-7 year commitment, leasing is usually 3-4 years, with Mobiliti you have flexibility and choice! You could drive a vehicle of your choice for as little as a month, extend the subscription for longer, switch to a different one as your needs change, or even purchase the vehicle from our dealer partners if you love it.

What is the cost of a monthly subscription?

Mobiliti subscriptions start at around $500 per month depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and location. That all-inclusive monthly fee includes vehicle use, insurance, roadside assistance, routine maintenance, and customer service. There are no fees for title, registration, or membership, we just require a refundable security deposit.

Longer commitment lengths result in lower subscription prices!

Am I responsible for damage to the vehicle while driving it?

Just like driving your own vehicle, you are responsible for taking care of any damage not covered under “Normal Wear and Tear” that does not meet the threshold for an insurance claim.

Normal Wear and Tear:

Body & Frame

Individual occurrences of damage 2″ or less in diameter with the exception of hail damage and punctures.

Individual occurrences of damage over 2″ in diameter if they can be repaired for $100 or less. Scratches that can be buffed out during reconditioning.

Interior, Wheels & Alterations

Interior: Burns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areas 1/2″ or less in diameter. Any removable stain.

Wheels: Tire tread depth of 1/8″ or more at the shallowest point. Tires must match manufacturer’s guidelines. Scuffs or minor nicks to wheels or wheel covers.

Everything Else

Windshield & Glass: Damage 1/2″ or less in diameter.

Lights & Signals: Cracks 2″ or less in diameter. That’s It! Anything else is typically considered excess and covered under an insurance claim.

How does the insurance work?

The insurance provides liability coverage and property damage coverage with limits well in excess of state minimums.

Just like a personal vehicle policy, there is a deductible you are responsible for should the need for a claim arise. The amount of the deductible is $2,500 and can be bought down to the security deposit amount for a small monthly fee available during checkout.

What are my options at the end of my subscription?

1. Purchase the vehicle: You may purchase the vehicle at the end of your subscription by contacting your dealer for a no-haggle price.

If you choose to purchase the vehicle, your security deposit will be refunded.

2. Swap your vehicle: Exchange your vehicle with your Mobiliti dealer or find another nearby vehicle from one of Mobiliti’s other trusted dealer partners! If there are no over-mileage or excess wear and tear fees, you may use the same security deposit for your new subscription.

Just pay the subscription fee for your new subscription and off you go!

3. Return the vehicle: If you want to just turn in the car and walk away, your security deposit will be returned if there are no over-mileage or excess wear and tear fees. Mileage & damage is assessed at turn-in. With normal wear, the remainder of your security deposit can be refunded. Just schedule your vehicle return on or through your dealer before your turn-in date!

How do I return my vehicle?

1. Just schedule your vehicle return on or through your dealer before your turn-in date (to avoid additional billings).

2. Make sure your car is fully fueled and in good working condition with personal items removed and maintenance records available.

3. Provide all keys and keyless entry remotes, Along with any manuals or other items in the vehicle at delivery.