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Flexible tools

We built a technology  platform to help dealers list vehicles, track leads, and assign opportunities through a simplified lead management solution. In addition, our system provides dealers with a platform to offer subscription services in a changing marketplace. Whether you are signed up to offer subscriptions or not, our lead tracking system will help you understand which customers are interested in subscriptions. Our system highlights include:

advanced analytics

Track leads, approvals, sales progress and more.  You can even analyze your inventory levels and readiness.

subscription module

Qualifying dealers can now deliver vehicles through our proprietary subscription platform.

Inventory Management

Our system integrations allow you to easily import and update your vehicles.

Integrated dashboard

Visual reports on key metrics associated with your listings, traffic, leads and sales progress.

Lead Management

Dealers can use our system to actively track leads where customers are interested in purchase or subscription.

Available Features

Dealers signed up will receive additional features  as we improve our platform over time.

Introductory Pricing

easy sign-up. Cancel any time.


Per month
Flat charge*

Our simple flat charge covers your listing service per rooftop (list as many vehicles as you want), and optional access to our subscription platform.


Set-up charge*

Our one-time set-up charge allows us to configure your presence on in a customized and powerful manner. We'll help you maximize your potential with us!


Per active
Monthly subscription*

Mobiliti charges a nominal monthly amount per active subscription assigned to your dealership.  This charge allows us to service the account effectively.

*** Limited Offer: First 100 sign-ups Pay $0 sign-up and $0 for 6 months ***

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* See your Mobiliti agreement(s) for all terms & conditions

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more than just a listing partner

Dealers want an easy way to deliver a great vehicle to customers, regardless of credit history. Adding a subscription option gives dealers the flexibility to deliver these cars with shorter terms and attractive 'all in' payments. Dealers using our subscription program benefit from efficient processing, competitive rates and the opportunity to re-sell returning subscription customers. Keep your customers happy and out of the market if you can't deliver a traditionally financed deal on the day they want to take that vehicle home!


Sign-up and support for our services is done remotely. In addition, we offer several simple training videos to ensure you have all the information and tools needed to use our listing service and to fully support your subscribing customers effectively.