Can auto subscriptions be the next big thing?

The way consumers choose their next car might have more in common with Netflix than the traditional retail system that's defined the automotive industry for more than a century. A plethora of vehicle subscription services being rolled out offer customers the ability to make all-in, month-to-month payments and the option to frequently switch vehicles as their needs change.

Mobiliti Is A Car-Subscription Service for Dealers

Subscription services are all the rage among automakers, with BMW and Lincoln announcing new or expanded services just in the last week. By allowing drivers to get a car by simply paying a monthly fee, these services offer a way around the hassles of buying or leasing through a dealer.

Mobiliti Launches Dealer-Centric Vehicle Subscription Service

For a monthly fee, starting at $549, customers receive all "ownership" necessities including insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage and roadside assistance, with the flexibility to change vehicles once per month based on personal want or need. There is no initiation fee, down payment or long-term commitment.

Ally Partners With New Car Subscription Service Mobiliti

Mobiliti, a new monthly car subscription service that works with dealerships, has partnered with Ally to offer comprehensive financing options when the company officially launches next month in Austin, Chance Richie, founder and chief executive of Mobiliti, told Auto Finance News.

Car-Subscription Service Mobiliti Is Sort of Like a Press-Car Fleet for Civilians | Feature | Car and Driver

From the February 2018 issue Technology is forecast to so thoroughly transform the automotive landscape that not even the idea of ownership is expected to survive the next generation or two unchanged. The latest twist: the car subscription program.

Vehicle subscription service on display at NAIAS

Shopping for a new vehicle can be a challenging task, but now there's a new program being tested that may allow you to swap rides as often as you wish. "We're very excited about it," said Chance Richie, with Mobiliti. The owners of Flint's Halo Burger are starting up a new vehicle subscription service called Mobiliti.