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Mobiliti has partnered with Black Book to provide valuation estimates for your vehicle, without hassle. Black Book is a trusted national vehicle information service provider. They acquire pricing data from vehicle wholesale auctions, and retail transactions nationwide. Remember that your vehicle mileage, any vehicle damage, and the cost to recondition your car for resale all may have an impact on the overall value of your car.

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Mobiliti is a vehicle listing service for the modern driver. Our powerful vehicle  search capability makes it easy to find the right vehicle for you.  Our unique dealership search capability makes it easy to find dealers with reasonable return policies, free vehicle history reports, and no-haggle pricing.  Our drive-your-way search capability makes it easy for you to isolate vehicles that are available for purchase, lease and even subscription.  In addition, Mobiliti also provides customers with: Simple tools to estimate approximate monthly payments, a means to initiate a     fair appraisal at one of our participating dealers and several resources to assist with the buying and selling process.

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What To Bring

for efficiency

1. Your Driver's License,
2. All Keys and Remotes,
3. Title or Payoff Information*.
* Bring anyone named on the title!

What To Expect

When Selling

1. Complete test drive,
2. Thorough inspection,
3. Vehicle history review,
4. Analysis of market conditions!

When To Decide

to proceed

Offers typically valid for a limited number of miles, days or both. In addition, conditions typically apply and can vary from one dealership to another!

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With Brite, participating car dealers can approve you for a great lease on a late-model low mileage vehicle. Brite leases come with generous 18,000 mile limits and terms as low as 24 months. When leasing a car with Brite, customers also get a great opportunity to establish or re-establish their credit through on-time payments.

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