general FAQ

what are mobiliti subscriptions?

Mobiliti offers a unique, monthly subscription service connecting drivers seeking flexibility with dealers who understand their unique needs. Drivers can quickly access a vast selection of vehicles with no up-front investment, monthly exchanges, and insurance included, until the moment is right for a longer-term commitment. Think of it as the extended test drive.  It's an evolution of vehicle ownership that's simple, seamless, and worry-free.

how do i qualify for a mobiliti subscription?

Once you find the perfect vehicle and want to reserve it, we just need your contact information, driver's license, a valid credit card in your name and a mobile phone number to set up your Mobiliti account. Customers must be 21 or over* with approved credit, a credit card in their name, a mobile phone and an approved driving record. Most account approvals happen instantly but can take up to 24 hours. We will notify you once you've been approved! Our subscription program is also offered and available to otherwise qualified United States government employees 18 years of age or older who are traveling on official orders, or where required by law. If you are between 18 and 21 and believe you meet these criteria, please contact Mobiliti by phone to continue your enrollment.

What is the difference between buying, leasing and subscribing?

Buying a vehicle can be a 5-7 year commitment, leasing is usually 2-4 years, with Mobiliti you have flexibility and choice! You could drive a vehicle of your choice for as little as 1 month, extend the subscription for longer, switch to a different one as your needs change, or even purchase the vehicle from our dealer partners if you love it.

What are some of the details on the insurance policy included with my Mobiliti subscription?

Assurant is our current insurance provider. Full liability, comprehensive and collision insurance provided:
- $100k / $300k liability limits ($100k per instance, $300k total)
- $1,000 comprehensive and collision deductible for all claims
- Coverage extends to all authorized drivers and is included in our monthly rate

subscriber FAQ

How do I schedule my vehicle exchange or return?

You can schedule your exchange or return appointment through your Mobiliti account under the my vehicles tab!

Can I change my mileage package?

Yes! We understand that needs change and are happy to enable you to stay in the same vehicle and use this feature to manage your mileage. When you renew your subscription simply select the new mileage choice that best suits your needs. Changes go into effect beginning on your next billing cycle. When you stay in your vehicle, your unused miles will roll-over, however, when you receive a different vehicle on our platform, your miles will not carry over.

Will I be charged any additional fee for mileage?

In the event you return the vehicle with excess mileage, you will be billed at the excess mileage rate stated on the subscription agreement. You can always find the excess mileage rate in your profile under €œMy Vehicle€.  Remember, you have the option to change your mileage plan at the start of each billing period.

What is the minimum amount of time I can have a vehicle?

You subscribe to each unique vehicle for a minimum of 1 month. If you need to return your vehicle before you reach 1 month, you can turn it in early.  However, there is no credit for the remaining days.

What is the maximum amount of time I can have a vehicle?

Each vehicle has a minimum subscription length of 1 month. Most vehicles are available for 8-12 months or about 30-40k miles (Dealer Specific). In the event that your vehicle needs to be returned at the end of your current subscription period, you can easily browse our inventory and reserve your new vehicle for pick up when you drop off your old one so you can continue enjoying your subscription. In the event you've found the perfect vehicle that you want to keep forever, contact your dealership about purchasing the vehicle!

How often can I exchange my vehicle?

One beautiful thing about the Mobiliti program is that you can exchange your vehicle once every month! Most customers keep their vehicles 4-6 months, but the choice is up to you. Speaking of choice, enjoy choosing a new vehicle every season as often as you like!

What is included in my subscription price?

All subscription vehicles include insurance, warranty, routine maintenance, and roadside assistance! There is also a one-time refundable security deposit of $499 due at the time of your first reservation - this is refunded when your vehicle is returned if no additional fees are charged. If you have any questions regarding your current vehicle, simply contact the Mobiliti representative at your dealership for assistance!

Do I need to pay a fee to join?

It is completely FREE to apply and no cost for membership! The only additional fee would be a $499 security deposit due at the time of your first reservation.

Where can I return my subscription vehicle?

Your vehicle can only be returned at the authorized Mobiliti Dealer Partner where you picked up your vehicle. Please schedule a return vehicle appointment through your Mobiliti account.

dealers & Other FAQ

Will Mobiliti make money for my dealership?

Subscriptions are priced to be profitable because dealers have total pricing control for each vehicle.
- Provides options for generating higher used vehicle profit for models where used is higher than new gross margins
- Lead generation and conquest conversion of subscription customers to purchase or lease
- Widen the mileage spread between loaner fleet cars and new cars to minimize service vehicle cannibalization of new vehicle sales

What is the benefit of Mobiliti to the customer?

Customers receive the flexibility and choice of a national subscription technology platform, delivered with the exemplary customer service from the Mobiliti's trusted dealer network. Customers not quite ready to buy have a new option to consider until the time is right for a long-term commitment.

Who pays for parking tickets and tolls?

You are responsible for all parking tickets. Any parking tickets that go unpaid will be charged to the credit/debit card supplied for subscription. You are responsible for all tolls received while driving your subscription vehicle.  Toll charges received by Mobiliti will be paid to the issuer and charges added to your preferred payment method.

vehicles FAQ

what if i go over my miles?

If you exceed your mileage package there is a PER-MILE fee assessed upon returning the vehicle. Each vehicle has a specific fee and is disclosed in the customer checkout page.

Am I responsible for maintaining my vehicle?

Yes, you should think of your vehicles as your own and maintain them using the warranty, service and insurance packages included for a smooth ride. While routine maintenance is included, you will need to schedule appointments with your Mobiliti dealership.

Can I use my Mobiliti vehicle for UBER or Lyft or commercial use?

Unfortunately no, your Mobiliti terms of use and our insurance partner specifically prohibit using your Mobiliti vehicle for commercial purposes such as ridesharing or peer-to-peer networks. If this is a feature you'd like us to offer in the future, please let us know!

What is the fuel policy?

Vehicles are delivered to you with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank. If your vehicle needs to be topped off, you will be billed the actual cost of the gas plus a service charge through your preferred payment method.