Our Team

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Chance Richie

Founder and CEO

Chance Richie is the driving force behind Mobiliti and brings a unique perspective to American business by capitalizing on a breadth of educational and real-world experience to propel ideas into action and turn economic opportunity into enterprise value. Chance has leveraged experience in the nuclear Navy....

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Amanda Richie

Co-founder and Marketing

Amanda Richie has served in corporate leadership positions and been a driving force for innovation and change in a broad range of industries, including specialty chemicals, quick service restaurants and water management in automotive manufacturing. As co-founder of Mobiliti, Amanda provides....

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Mark Hoppen

Chief Operating officer

The son of the founding father of Porsche, Audi and VW motorsport in the US, Mark Hoppen developed a passion for automobiles at an early age. Trained as lawyer, he began his career in 1993 as outside legal....

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Adam Klenk

Director Product Development

Adam Klenk realized his lifelong passion for connecting people and technology while working for a startup that transformed a small mobile and web-based platform used to collect GPS waypoints to....

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Barron Meade

Trade Show Advisor

A Detroit area native and long-time auto industry insider, Barron was born and raised in the automotive industry. He has invested in and operated award-winning auto dealerships, including....

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Christopher Late 

Director of Business DEvelopment- Texas

Christopher Late was born and raised in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas. As a fourth-generation car dealer, Chris started his career in the automotive industry while attending college at the University of Texas....

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Colby Donaldson

Director of dealer relations - Texas

Originally a trained welder and metal fabricator, Colby Donaldson owned and operated a performance auto restoration business before becoming the record-breaking runner-up on CBS’ hit television show....

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John Luce

Advisory board member 

John Luce currently serves as CEO of Inviso, LLC, an automotive service provider for OEM, fleet, dealer and financial organizations throughout the United States.Prior to founding Inviso, John was a....