Differentiating Technology & Services

The Mobiliti listing service truly stands on its own with a full suite of unique integrations that include 1) engaging interactive vehicle content through our Intellacar API, and 2) industry leading ratings and content through our partnership with Car & Driver. In addition, dealers participating in our Subscription offering can benefit from our financing partnership with AFC and the use of ancillary products through DealerPointe.

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The disruptive way to DRIVE profitS
leads focused on the modern driver

A smarter listing service driving leads from buyers and potential vehicle subscribers!

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Included lead management capability

Easily manage, assign and track your leads. Designed by dealers for dealers!

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intelligent data collection

Customized dashboards to help analyze inventory, leads, and subscription interest.

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integrated subscription

The only listing platform offering subscriptions alongside purchase options!

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Founded by Chance Richie

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Find Great Dealers, Great Deals, and New Ways to Drive.
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Mobiliti is a vehicle listing service for the modern driver. Our powerful vehicle  search capability makes it easy to find the right vehicle for you.  Our unique dealership search capability makes it easy to find dealers with reasonable return policies, free vehicle history reports, and no-haggle pricing.  Our drive-your-way search capability makes it easy for you to isolate vehicles that are available for purchase, lease and even subscription.  In addition, Mobiliti also provides customers with: Simple tools to estimate approximate monthly payments, a means to initiate a     fair appraisal at one of our participating dealers and several resources to assist with the buying and selling process.

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Disrupt With subscriptions

cutting-edge technology.

Mobiliti provides its participating dealers with the latest technology listing and lead management tools, including access to our subscription platform. Select the cars you want to make available for subscription and limit the availability of each car by mileage or duration as needed. From there, we help calculate the customer subscription fee based on your floor plan and recon costs, desired profit, and depreciation.


Mobiliti generates additional traffic to your dealership and helps you build long-term relationships.


Subscription options for your inventory help manage depreciation, move product, and provide an additional profit source.


Our subscription platform delivers business to your service department and connects your dealership to new recurring revenue.


Select eligible cars. Set your mileage and duration limits, and acceptable pricing terms based on floor plan costs & depreciation.

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Customers find your eligible cars through our site. When their budget meets your selection, pricing and terms, you have a new subscriber!

sell or
lease Later

Subscribers have to return vehicles on subscription to the originating dealers. This means you can still SELL this customer later!

Driving Results


With less than perfect credit, options for driving a reliable vehicle are often limited. With Mobiliti, you can capture these customers who view subscription as a new option to access reliable transportation! It's one more way you can take a customer out of the market and put them into one of your vehicles!

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save that deal!

take customers out of the market.

Can't finance the customer today? Offer a subscription office to allow the customer to drive the vehicle for a month or more. Close the sale later, or enjoy the additional revenue from the subscription while active. You are in total control of subscription pricing. The subscription fee becomes payable to you while the customer is driving, less any payments for insurance or other Mobiliti services. Appeal to a new generation of drivers with total flexibility!


Provide indecisive buyers an option to try before they buy. It's the extended test drive, reinvented. All while you generate new revenue.


You control pricing, the customer takes it from there. Customers sign-up and pay in advance through the Mobiliti website.


Customer subscription fee includes: Insurance, Maintenance, Limited Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Registration, Title, License Fees.